22 things you need if you hate being cold

Winter is coming—which means so is the cold. If you're someone who hates the freezing temperatures, snowy days, and blustering winds that this time of year brings, you could use one (or all!) of the following things in your life. From a smart coffee mug to our favorite space heater, these are the best products to warm you up this winter. 

1. This 'smart' mug that keeps your coffee hot

Ember makes both a regular mug and a travel mug.

Of course I drink coffee for the caffeine hit (who doesn't?!) but in the winter, I also drink it to warm up my insides. So a lukewarm cup of joe just isn't going to cut it. A writer recently put the popular Ember travel mug to the test to see if it could prevent her coffee from getting cold. The verdict? Success! It kept her beverage warm and she could control the temperature directly from her phone.

Get the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug at Amazon for $135.05

Read the full list of products to help you beat the cold here.

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